Meet Author Amy Sky Koster

Read a short Q&A with Creative Editions author Amy Sky Koster.

Q: What was your inspiration behind writing Coral, Egg, and Seashell?
A: Egg came first. (Ha! Well, that settles the age-old question.) There is such beauty in simple, natural forms. Like eggs. And they hold amazing things. Birds!

Seashell was inspired by my love of the ocean and its treasures. I’ve since learned to be very careful about the shells I keep: It’s very important to make sure no one is still living in them!

With Coral it was about showing the wonder of these living organisms that are deeply endangered. I just wanted to show the incredible beauty of our world and inspire readers to protect it.

Q: Do you have a particular favorite of the three board books you’ve written?
A: Of the three, I think Seashell is the closest. The ocean is a big part of my life, and seashells are very special objects for me.

Q: What do you hope readers gain from reading your stories?
A: To borrow a quote from E.B. White: “All that I hope to say in books, all that I ever hope to say, is that I love the world.”

Q: When you’re not writing, what are your favorite things to do?
A: I love to go to the beach, swim in the ocean. I ride horses. I keep bees.

Q: What do you do to overcome a creative block?
A: I go for a walk. I stare at the ocean. I visit museums and look at art. I listen to music I love, loud.

Q: Who or what has been a major influence on your writing style?
A: Poetry. Before I wrote books for young readers, I studied and wrote poems.

Q: What would you have been if not an author?
A: An equestrian. A fashion designer. A pilot.

Q: What’s one thing an author must keep in mind when writing a children’s book?
A: The reader.

Q: What do you find most appealing about your career in writing children’s books?
A: It combines two wondrous things: childhood and books. Reading is never more magical and powerful than when we are young.

Posted June 2023

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