A Growing Spanish Collection

With an increased demand for Spanish titles, we continue to grow our Spanish collection. Each season we introduce new beautifully crafted titles, of which about 80% are translated into Spanish. We take great care into making the books themselves as well as the translations with the goal in mind to create a joy of reading for life. To learn more about Spanish translations and the growing need, read Booklist’s recent article on the subject.


Our Spanish collection is available on our website, Edelweiss, and Bookshop, and many are also available in paperback format. Here are the new and recent additions to our continuously growing Spanish collection:


Semillas del saber

Crafted for young readers this series now includes more than 60 titles! From holidays and transportation to planets and dinosaurs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Labeled image guides and glossaries enhance this introduction to nonfiction reading.


Vida salvaje

Get to know the furry, feathery, scaly wild animals with whom we share our planet! Readers will learn all about their favorite animals, explore their life cycles, diets and habitats. A folk tale in each title adds a cross-curricular cultural layer to the text.


Planeta animal

Creative Education’s popular Amazing Animals series is now translated for your Spanish-language readers! With bold photography, readers get up close with their favorite animals to learn about their appearance, behaviors, and life cycle.


Creative Sports: Campeones del Super Bowl

Score touchdowns with readers in this engaging football series. Each volume introduces the history of the club, where it plays home games, star players and coaches, and memorable championships.


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Posted July 2023

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