2022 Review Highlights: January - June

From gentle read alouds to racing cars, the spring season's new titles from The Creative Company have gathered some great reviews during the first half of the year. Check out the highlights below!

Creative Editions



"As an exploration of color, the visuals excel ..." —School Library Journal, 03/01/2022

 "It’s a book as light and refreshing as a springtime breeze." —Wall Street Journal, 04/08/2022





"... an amazing resource for families and schools to observe these intricate structures of nature in illustrated form." —Where the Board Books Are, 02/05/2022




Ready or Not, Here I Come!

 "This board book provides opportunities for toddlers to recognize different animals, locate them on the page, and sense the rhythm and rhyme of the language." —Children’s Literature, 01/01/2022

 "With timeless illustrations and a world of imagination, Ready or Not, Here I Come! emphasizes words like in, on, off, into, below, above, and near." —Where the Board Books Are, 01/24/2022


The Red Canoe


"Celebrations of the natural world weave through this haunting story of an incalculable loss..." —Foreword Reviews, STARRED REVIEW, 03/01/2022


"While children may be surprised that the canoe’s perspective is represented, this technique serves to unify the text and demonstrate the passage of time." —Booklist, 03/15/2022

"And then—the boathouse door opens, “creaking loudly on its rusty hinges,” bringing a new era, a new boy and a second chance for the old red canoe." —Wall Street Journal, 03/18/2022

"A reminiscence worth sharing, for leisurely read-alouds, and a book that already feels like a keepsake." —School Library Journal, 04/01/2022

" Featuring heartfelt text and beautifully rendered illustrations, this picture book evokes a sense of an idyllic, bygone era." —School Library Connection, 05/01/2022

Creative Education

Amazing Mysteries


"An entertaining gateway into world culture and mythology. A great pick for reluctant readers." —School Library Journal, 04/01/2022




Amazing Racing Cars

"The story [Sports Cars] of this illustrious automotive sport is well told in this introductory book and will be of interest to mechanically-minded young readers." —Children’s Literature, 01/01/2022

"Filled with colorful photos and tons of facts, they are accessible and exciting. VERDICT ­Attractive first purchases." —School Library Journal, 04/01/2022


Amazing Winter Olympics

"The basic elements of luge as a sport are well handled in this concise book, but it is the color photography included in the text that steals the show. Readers, young and old, with an interest in Olympic sports will enjoy this book [Luge] and find the photography to be truly amazing." —Children’s Literature, 01/01/2022

 "A recommended first purchase." —School Library Journal, 04/01/2022


Odysseys in the Environment


 "... the photographs that are used have a great impact." —School Library Journal, 04/01/2022




X-Books: Special Forces


"The information related is good and comprehensive enough for the targeted reading levels ... These books will appeal to those with an intense interest in military operations ..." —School Library Journal, 04/01/2022



 Posted June 28, 2022

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