Summer Reading: Oceans of Possibilities

The theme this year for the Collaborative Summer Library Program is Oceans of Possibilities, and there’s so much to explore with titles from The Creative Company! Summer Reading is an important piece to a student’s education. Just because kids are out of school for the summer months, that doesn’t mean they should stop reading. By the time students return to school in the fall, those who didn’t read over the summer may have lost up to two months of learning. Reading just 4-6 books during the summer months results in the students’ potential to prevent a decline in reading achievement scores. 

Let’s dive into some ocean-themed titles to help prevent the summer slide!

Editions Titles

Dot, Stripe, Squiggle – Introduce your little readers to shapes and patterns while supporting comparing and contrasting developmental abilities. Reading level: Pre-K

I Am Polar Bear – Read a poetic comparison of perceptions from different cultures of the polar bear. Reading level: Grade 2

My Clementine – Enjoy a narrated story of the adventures of the ship Clementine through five decades of travel. Reading level: Grade 3

Seaside Lullaby – Read a poetic lullaby celebrating the four seasons by the sea making for a dreamy bedtime story. Reading level: Grade 1

The Frog Who Wanted to See the Sea – Go on an adventure with a curious frog as she seeks the biggest pond of allthe sea. Reading level: 2

The World Below the Brine – Explore the plants and creatures that can be found below the brine. A poetic story that also serves as a co-curricular application for literature and science. Reading level: Grade 5

Under the Sea – Introduce young readers to pairs of prepositions hidden amongst creatures and features under the sea. Reading level: Kindergarten

Education Titles

Amazing Animals – Travel the planet to explore and study fascinating creatures such as seahorses, sea turtles, jellyfish, rays, sharks, and more. Learn about each animal’s habitat, behaviors, and life cycle with STEM-appropriate text. Reading level: Grade 3

Down in the Ocean – Dive into the depths of the ocean and learn how life in each ocean region thrives with this STEM curricula series. Reading level: Grade 5

Enduring Mysteries: Sea Monsters – Investigate and learn about the phenomena surrounding sea monsters with mythological tales and hard facts. Reading level: Grade 6

Odysseys in Mysteries: Sea Monsters – Go on a journey to explore and examine legendary creatures with scientific facts, investigations, and real events. Reading level: Grade 7

Seedlings – Introduce your youngest of readers to oceans, sea turtles, sea lions, and more with dynamic photos and crafted text. Reading level: Kindergarten

X-Books: Marine Mammals – Learn about these fascinating marine mammals with bite-sized facts. Reading level: Grade 4


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Posted April 25, 2022

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