Benefits of Reading Aloud

Reading is powerful. The action opens windows to the world, engaging users in processing information and critical thinking. Science has proven children being read to experience the same benefits. Reading aloud to children at any age is a critical piece to the learning puzzle.

Explore a few key benefits of reading aloud:

Vocabulary development

The first year of a child’s life is when they will learn all the sounds they need to speak their native language. Reading or listening to books exposes children to 50% more words than television.

Reading Suggestions: Sounds of the Forest, Ready or Not, Here I Come!


Reading aloud to children of any age allows them to focus on the story and make connections. Even if the phrases don’t have significant meaning to them, the child is making connections with the sounds of language and associating words with pictures.

Reading Suggestions: Color, The Universe is a Tree


Young children learn a great deal from what they read and what’s read to them. From numbers, colors, and rhyming to learning lessons and morals, children learn from the books they read. They read stories and learn about things they may not have experienced yet.

Reading Suggestions: Seedlings, Amazing Animals

Restful Sleep

Reading can be a comforting and soothing activity to get children ready for bed. In almost any situation, reading aloud and looking at pictures together will create a sense of calmness that helps prepare for a restful sleep.

Reading Suggestion: I Love You With All of My Hearts


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Posted March 24, 2022

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