A World of Color

The Creative Company recently teamed up with Amicus Publishing and Black Rabbit Books to showcase new Spring 2022 titles from each publisher.

For a brief recap of the new titles released from Creative, keep reading. To view the full webinar recording, click here.


New Series from Creative Education

Amazing Animals – Travel the planet to study our world’s fascinating mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and invertebrates. These updated titles also present a folk story people have used to help explore the animal’s appearance or behavior.

Amazing Mysteries – Engage your fans of the paranormal and unexplained by exploring the origins, physical features, motivations, and dwellings of fabled creatures. Each title includes a folk tale about a legendary creature encounter.

Amazing Racing Cars – Race along the tracks to learn about some of the most popular racing cars. Each book includes a biographical story about a famous driver who influenced the sport. 

Amazing Winter Olympics – Perfect for young sports enthusiasts, this series introduces some of the events at the Winter Olympic Games. Each book includes a biographical story about a famous competitor or team who made Olympic history.


New Titles from Creative Editions

Color – Christina Rossetti’s timeless poem is represented in vivid art by illustrator Laëtitia Devernay. It’s a study of color based in nature meant for the youngest of learners.

The Red Canoe – An abandoned canoe reminisces about its past and dares to hope in the promise of a new future. This title travels through life’s adventures to share a story about memory and identity.

Coral – This board book gives readers a lyrical, nonfiction introduction to different types of coral as the text pairs rhyming descriptors making for a gentle read-aloud.

Ready or Not, Here I Come! – With rhyming text that incorporates a zoo theme, this board book makes for a kinetic addition to the bedtime routine.


Posted February 28, 2022

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