Turning Points: War in Iraq, The

Turning Points: The War in Iraq

Valerie Bodden (Author)

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A historical account of Operation Iraqi Freedom, including the events leading up to the 2002 conflict, the people involved, the political instability and insurgency that arose, and the lingering aftermath.

Part of the Turning Points series


The War in Iraq provides a brief overview of a complicated war. In four chapters, this resource covers the rising conflict, the specific military operations, why the region remains unstable, and ongoing issues related to the war in Iraq. Interesting sidebars called Pointing Out pepper the narrative and provide further insight about the time period. This series is far from comprehensive but does a good job of explaining the main points of this historic event to middle grade students who have no memory of the time period. Beautiful full-color photo illustrations bring the war to life and enhance the reader's experience. This is an ideal series for middle and high school students who have little prior knowledge of these events. Includes a timeline, end notes, bibliography, websites, and an index.

–Candi Pierce Garry, School Library Connection , 3/1/2020

The weighty topics presented in this series are tied together by the idea that the advances, achievements, and ideas explored represent significant turning points in history. The accounts look at events leading up to these moments, the people involved, the intricacies of the issues, as well as the impact, aftermath, and continued challenges. Densely packed and filled with names, dates, places, and brief overviews of very large issues and ideas, these volumes are almost too much to digest for anyone other than the serious researcher. Sidebars look at specific events and ideas (America’s deadliest hurricane, Saddam Hussein’s rise to power, and Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian refugees). Full-color photographs at times enhance the text but at other times feel like filler. The standout title is the timely and comprehensive look at the refugee crisis. A supplemental choice for larger nonfiction collections.

–Amanda MacGregor, School Library Journal , 11/1/2019