2023 Review Highlights

From inviting and imaginative picture books to compelling nonfiction, The Creative Company has gathered some tremendous reviews during 2023, including 5 Kirkus reviews and 2 starred reviews! Check out the highlights below!


Creative Editions

Chasing the Sun

"A visually stunning picture book that blends accuracy and a sense of wonder." —Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

"The combination of storytelling, fact presentation, and exquisite illustrations will leave readers in anticipation for upcoming nature picture books from Musso." —Children’s Literature

"Musso’s woodcut illustrations wonderfully evoke the power of this species during their migrations that span the globe." —American Birding Association


Puddle Song

"A first purchase; joyful, economical, and ­exhilarating." —School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

"The quality of the writing paired with the complementary skillful illustrations make this worthy of readers’ bookshelves." —Kirkus Reviews

" Is written with a simplicity that mimics the kind of simplicity that's often lost in childhoods of today." —Where the Board Books Are


A Song for the Cosmos

"Graphic art in a dark somber palette complements the text to tell the story of Blind Willie Johnson and the Golden Record sent on NASA’s 1977 Voyager spacecrafts. Back matter. " —Bank Street College of Education


Nonsense! Book 1

"Colorful, whimsical, easy-on-the-eyes illustrations, rendered in watercolors and colored pencils, bring to life the limerick ..." —Kirkus Reviews

"Accessible and engaging for the next generation of poetry enthusiasts and curious toddlers alike." —Where the Board Books Are


Sister Spring 

"Joyful and lyrical; a lovely way to represent spring." —Kirkus Reviews

"Readers will find the outlines of some familiar forms from nature here—mice, birds, flowers, trees—and positive vibes of wonder, growth, and beauty permeating each page." —Publishers Weekly 


What to Do with a Stick

"The story is a love letter to both creativity and the childhood exuberance of imaginative play." —Kirkus Reviews

"What to Do with a Stick is a book your children will enjoy looking through even when they can’t read. This will only make it more enjoyable when they start putting the rhyming words together themselves." —New York Journal of Books


Island of Shadows

"Finely detailed lines of early scientific sketches of flora and fauna, echo the old-fashioned language and style of the text..." —Kirkus Reviews


The Red Canoe

"With elements reminiscent of Huck Finn’s adventures and the velveteen rabbit’s love, The Red Canoe’s classic storytelling will keep kids and adults returning to this story ..." —World Magazine


Ready or Not, Here I Come!

"A zookeeper finds all of his animal friends during a preposition-rich game of hide-and-seek. Rhymed text. Richly colored mixed-media illustrations." —Bank Street College of Education


Opposites Are Natural

"A simple reflective appreciation of nature." —Children’s Literature


Armando’s Island

"It’s a dazzling combination of text and illustrations with an indirect call to arms to protect the natural world around us." —Simply 7 with Jena Benton

"Informational fiction at its best." —Unpacking the Power of Picture Books


Creative Education

Creative Sports: A History of Hoops

"Illustrations, usually high-quality color shots showing players in action, add color and drama to every spread in this attractive book." —Booklist 


Living Wild

"Add individual titles to cover subject holes or consider the complete set as a strong, wide-ranging update to the animal shelves in your collection." —School Library Journal


Odysseys in Recent Events

"A worthwhile and timely selection..." —Booklist

"This is excellent research material for ­current events." —School Library Journal


Planeta animal

"This book and others in the series would be useful in science classes for Spanish-speaking elementary students or in classroom libraries where students are learning Spanish." —Children’s Literature


Seedlings: Community Helpers

"Well-suited for preschool or kindergarten social studies units on community helpers or for young children interested in a particular profession." —Booklist

"A solid addition to early learning libraries and small- to ­medium-sized public library collections." —School Library Journal


Seedlings: Dinosaurs

"Attractively designed, the volumes feature pleasing digital artwork, photos of fossils, playful text placement, and ample white space to help young learners stay focused." —Booklist

"Highlighting some of the most popular prehistoric creatures, these titles are perfect for libraries looking to build their dinosaur collections for emerging readers." —School Library Journal


Vida salvaje

"Excellent translations are matched by broad appeal, making this series perfect for any upper elementary or middle school collection." —School Library Journal


WNBA: A History of Women's Hoops

"Action-filled photos add to the book’s energetic tone." —Booklist

"You could cherry pick for your local team if your budget is tight, but the whole set is worthy of first purchase." —School Library Journal


Posted 12/05/2023

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