2022 Review Highlights: July - December

From gentle read alouds to intriguing mythical creatures, this season's new titles from The Creative Company have gathered some great reviews during the second half of the year. Check out the highlights below!

Creative Editions

A Song for the Cosmos

"Kelley matches Blind Willie Johnson’s tone and the space subject matter with softly colored scenes of the musician and Voyager set against indigo blues and occasional orbs, planets, and records." —Booklist, 07/01/2022

"...is appropriately touching and uplifting, leaving readers with a sense of bittersweet vindication for the triumph that posthumously crowned Johnson’s hard life." —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, 09/01/2022

"More than just a biography of Johnson, a musical legend many may not have heard of, this picture book also provides information and context for his special place in history: as creator of a beautiful message about what it means to be human." —Booksource, 10/22/2022


Mother Winter

"This lyrical, luminous winter solstice book exhorts readers to go outside and experience the season's natural wonders." —The Horn Book, 10/04/2022

"This intensely artistic picture book stands apart from others in its genre both because of the rich poetry found in the text and because of the deep, nighttime hues of the illustrations." —Children's Literature, 11/19/2022



"Sashiko is an unusual title not only in its subject ... but also in its beauty." —Wall Street Journal, 07/29/2022

"Pritelli’s traditional-leaning visuals glow with luminous tones..." —Publisher’s Weekly, 07/21/2022


I Spy with My Curious Eye

"Double-page spreads feature landscapes dotted with endearing animals ... and two short sentences that form a rhyming couplet." —Booklist, 09/01/2022


Virginia was a Spy

"...Gary Kelley’s pastel illustrations are exceptional as always, not only for their realism but for their beauty and ability to engage the emotions of the viewer." —Rhapsody in Books Blog, 08/18/2022

Creative Education

Amazing Animals

"Teachers will find the book (and series) to be a wonderful addition for a science unit on animals or birds. Younger children may enjoy listening to the text read aloud and examining the photos." —Children's Literature, 10/09/2022

"Teachers will want to include this book (and the series) in their science unit on animals and use the folktale to initiate a cross-curricular lesson." Children's Literature, 10/09/2022

"Teachers will want to supplement their science unit on animal study with this book (or collection)." Children's Literature, 10/09/2022


Amazing Mysteries

"An intriguing introduction to topics of mythology." —Children’s Literature, 07/27/2022

"Additional resources and websites offering fun facts and games delivers a satisfying conclusion…” —Children’s Literature, 08/05/2022

"Appealing to fans of the paranormal and unexplained, the “Amazing Mysteries” series offers age-appropriate information, vocabulary, and key facts relating to history’s most intriguing mythical creatures." —Children’s Literature, 08/30/2022


Creative Sports: Super Bowl Champions

"The story of this great team is well told in this introductory book. Young readers who enjoy sports will find this book both appealing and educational." —Children's Literature, 10/09/2022

"The story of the New York Giants is well represented in this introductory sports history book. Readers who enjoy sports, and NFL football in particular, will be both entertained and informed by this book." —Children's Literature, 10/09/2022

"The story of the Washington Commanders is well told in this colorfully illustrated book. Young readers of this book with an interest in the NFL should find enough content to whet their appetite and capture their interest." Children's Literature, 10/09/2022


Odysseys in the Environment

"This book, which states the necessity for water for all, is a must read. Everyone should have a copy of this, and continue to read it as a reminder of how important the world needs to conserve water, and keep it fresh for all." —Children's Literature, 09/09/2022

"All of the books in the "Odysseys" series are written to open your eyes about the plight of our planet ... There are many people on both sides of this problem ... Which side is correct? Is there a middle ground? Read this book, and decide for yourself." —Children's Literature, 10/06/2022


Posted 12/16/2022

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