Dog's Life, A: Handling Your Dog

A Dog's Life: Handling Your Dog

Michael J. Rosen (Author)

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An instructional guide to handling dogs, this title touches on how to pet, lift, and groom a dog and informs young dog owners what to expect from the loyal, loving animals.

Part of the A Dog's Life series

Ages 6 - 10

Nonfiction, 24 pages, 2019

ISBN 978-1-64026-054-2



Wait! Are you trying to pick up a dog? Before you go any further, read this volume in the “A Dog’s Life” series (6 titles). Is the pooch squirming? It is a Great Dane? These are not good dogs to lift! The text uses a gentle tone to explain the proper way to hold, groom, and touch a dog, while always paying attention to the pup’s reactions. Tips on easing canine anxiety with a well-placed rub and acclimating a dog to its brush are two of the topics pet owners will find here. Wonderful dog photos appear on most pages, and a concluding paw-print activity offers readers some messy fun. This book’s information is decidedly light, but it clearly demonstrates that understanding one’s dog is at the heart of great pet care.

–Julia Smith, Booklist , 4/1/2019